MeetUp: Brighton’s #Testactually at MatchboxMobile

Shameless plug about our next Tester meet up in Brighton. RSVP here to make sure we have enough food and drink!

It is on Weds 11th Nov, and this time food, drink and venue is sponsored by Matchbox Mobile.

The talk will be on a really interesting subject called Dark Patterns by Emma Keaveny.

Have you ever found yourself downloading a tool bar you didn’t want?  How about suddenly receiving emails because you accidentally signed up for a mailing list?

Well if you have, then you have been whacked with a Dark Pattern!  These patterns are designed to fool you, into applying or buying things you had no intention of getting.  In this presentation I will be going through the different types of dark patterns that are out there, how we should approach these as testers (is there a right way or a wrong way to deal with them), as well as covering some pros and cons on these controversial barely legal techniques that are used more frequently than you would think.


Emma Keaveny is an enthusiastic eager and always learning tester.  For the last year she has been working for Interica on archive and retrieval software.

She is also co-organiser of BrighTest Actually, a Brighton based testing meetup where fellow testers get together either for a few drinks, games or some interesting talks.


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