Brigh#Testactually and terrible UI tests

It’s been a big quiet here recently and this had to do with me changing job and trying to get used to a commute. Luckily our meet up didn’t suffer and thanks to the co hosts we had another great evening.

This time we had a talk on terrible UI browse tests in selenium and how to not write them in a terrible way.

 Rich the speaker, in my opinion made a great point that got me thinking a little bit further.

He mentioned the automation test pyramid and how at the top it always states UI tests. However what it actually means is end to end tests run through the UI that test the full stack of code.

You could even argue that end to end tests are a sub form of UI tests because really UI test do not need to be run against the full stack of code if you mocked the API calls and other third party integrations.

So the UI could be written with unit type tests from day one run on the CI server if it was a separated layer.

Do we distort the message of what types of tests we want at the top of the automation pyramid by letting us be boxed in by its shape?

I think we shouldn’t necessarily just put UI tests at the top. It should be end to end tests run through the browser. Is it just me that also thought UI tests have to take a long time, be brittle and use the full stack?

It hadn’t occurred to me that if we separate the UI layer and apply a few other tricks we could test just the UI fast and free up manual tester time even more to explore those edge cases.

Do you think we boxed our definition and understanding of what UI tests are in due to the shape of the pyramid?
The slides from Richs talk

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