Hiring Testers – How to hire for your own current job role

St Michel’s Mount – 2015

I have previously blogged about my experiences of hiring testers, as a newbie to hiring.
Here are thoughts from a webinar and my advice from being on the side of the person recruiting.

Building a team was one thing and a very rewarding and interesting journey. When you see that team come together and each person adding their mark to their product team and contributing across the business, that is just amazing!

I am now facing a new recruitment dilemma which is replacing my own role.

How to do that!? I am by no means an expert but here are some of the steps I took so far.

Review Job Description

Is the current one still up to date? Maybe the job role has evolved to be something else?

18 months ago my company did not have professional testers, so we made up a job description for testers and a test lead to do the HR stuff and people management.

When I read these over it quickly became clear that both the Test Analyst and Test Lead job descriptions are no longer relevant so I met with the team, and other individuals in the company to review. 

Why would it go out of date? Well in our case we hired across the departments meaning things like A/B user testing was handled by different members of staff, to give one example.

One tip: Be prepared! Make your changes obvious, or where you want to change parts of the job description. 
I made the mistake of preparing those changes but didn’t make it obvious on my handout, so I had to explain and remember the before and after versions and it did become a bit confusing. 

Job Advertisement

The previous one may still be partially relevant but do check it and correlate changes from your job description. 
In our case we had started to use different technologies and tools since I first started and so we added those as nice to haves to the job ad. 

Do check rules and regulations with your HR department. Turns out “years of experience” is not allowed to be on the job advertisement.

Next Steps

Placing the job ad. Unfortunately I do not have much control of that. 
Prepare for phone interviews. I have to amend some of the questions as there now is a management angle to question about as well!
Pair up with another member of staff. I have decided to pair up as it is a lot easier to discuss the impression someone gave with another member of staff. 
This will be someone who will be working closely with the new hire in one capacity or another and who knows the teams well to help get a good fit. 

I am super excited to be hiring again, even if it is with the sad undertone that I will be leaving shortly after. 

Has anyone had to hire for their replacement? I think some companies may not like you to do that even?
What has been your experience?


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