Event Review: Brighton tester meet up – BDD Requirements

The tester meet up was a huge success! Thanks to our sponsored Rakuten Attribution and their great offices and Crunch Ltd for sponsoring the food and drink!
Also it would not have been so engaging and worthwhile without our great speaker Alan Parkinson. Thank you!

When we first organised the talk he joked that maybe Brighton has had enough of BDD, but the feedback I had when we organised the session, was that people very much wanted more.
So we invited Alan along and he didn’t disappoint.

We were around 20 people and only half of that crowd were testers (which we are very proud of); there also were developers, Business Analysts and Product Owners in the room. This made for a great collaborative talk and session.

Alan kept the content fresh with presenting initial problems that everyone could relate to. He even wore his “It is not a bug, it is a feature” T-shirt which is a saying all of us tester will have heard at some point.
We then went through how to improve requirements and understand them to avoid exactly that statement.

To highlight how hard it can be to write requirements, Alan had prepared a game. Half the team became BAs and had 7 minutes to write requirements and the other half then had to “develop” based on those in exactly the same time.
It was great to see how different the instructions and drawings ended up being. It also highlighted that writing requirements and developing based on those can take equal amount of time.

You can find some of the tweets using the hashtag #BrighTest on twitter. The problem with the hashtag is though that a lot of lightbulb companies seem to use it too… so Rosie nudged us to change it…more on that at the end.

Oh and feedback from my Product Owner who recently joined us.
“The requirements/build exercise really highlighted something  really bugged me in my old job: they would always ask the developers how long it would take to build something and want to start building huge projects immediately, which never gave us enough time to think about what we wanted to build.  I likened it to a builder asking how many bricks, nuts and bolts he’d need when we’re not sure whether we’re building a house, hotel or skyscraper yet”

Now the new hashtag will be #testactually which is an homage to Brighton and Hove. If you live in Hove and are asked if you live in Brighton you will often hear “Hove, actually”. And more importantly the hashtag has not been used. 😉

Overall it was great evening and thank you so much to everyone who came along. Any feedback and suggestions for talk topics are always welcome! We are working on a couple of things for the next couple of months, so stay tuned. 🙂

We are planning a social session early July followed by a show and tell on Protractor which is used to test AngularJS. I will update you in the next couple of weeks!

P.S. More pics on facebook! And the slides are here.


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