Events: BrightTest Take 2 – BDD: Testing Requirements

Brighton Eye

Shameless brief plug about the next Brighton tester meet up.

This time all about BDD with a presentation by Alan Parkinson (and I think a game!).

Venue is provded by Rakuten Attribution and food and drinks by Crunch Accounting.

Hopefully see you there. RSVP Here.

P.S: If you want to speak in Brighton let me know. 🙂


We will focus on Behavioural Driven Development with a presentation by Alan Parkinson!

Beers, Soft drinks and Pizza sponsored by Crunch.


BDD – Testing Requirements

Many software projects suffer from a hidden requirements crisis. Theses are the projects where the client says “That’s not what I wanted” or testers discover functionality and business value problems after the code has been written. The common root cause of theses problem is miscommunication; these range from cognitive bias to different domain terminology used by stakeholders, business analysts, developers and testers.

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) solves the problem by enhancing User Stories with examples called Scenarios. Each scenario is an example of how the requirement should behave in a real world situation, and aid communication by allowing the team members to ask questions to clarify the understanding of scenarios.

Alan will demonstrate and discuss the different causes of requirements miscommunication and how BDD can bridge the communication gap using examples.

Alan is CEO and Co-founder of Hindsight Software, a start-up focused on supporting BDD in the Enterprise. He has worked in the industry for over 15 years and in a wide range of industry sectors, including embedded real-time systems, safety critical systems, e-commerce, and Algorithmic trading systems.

He is a passionate believer in finding talented engineers and works with a “Do Tank” the New Engineering Foundation to influence the UK government and educational bodies on STEMs education. Alan is also involved in a number of open source projects including Karma, sbt and Cucumber-JVM



42 Frederick Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4EA


Turn up from 7pm.

Talk(s) start from 7:30 pm.


Venue: Sponsored by Rakuten Attribution

Food and Drink:

Beers, soft drinks and Pizza sponsored by Crunch Ltd.


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