Events: BrighTest Summary and the next event

Just over 1 week ago we had our first BrighTest Tester meet up with actual talks!
The event went really well and I wanted to thank everyone involved.

The Past Event

Dan started the presentations talking about the emotion of fear and how it holds us back in our lives, but it doesn’t need to. We can use our fears, face them and learn from them.

The more you know about something the more rational it becomes, and is not as feared. The biggest fear there is is the unknown after all.So what do you fear?Have you tried to overcome your fears before?
The link to that research is here.

We started a thread on testhuddle where you can discuss if you like. 🙂
We then moved onto the load testing tool gatling with a show and tell from Jack (he has now social media accounts). He explained that we chose a 1 second response time to aim for on the website with less than 1% error rate. The discussion afterwards was great and we had a comment that actually just because something response fast it does not mean it feels right to the user, so do not forget usability!
So it was a great night! Please continue to talk about fears and load testing here and also feel free to give us any feedback! :)
Pictures are on our Facebook page.

The Next Event
Next we will have an event in the centre of Brighton at Rakuten around the subject of BDD. This will be on the 27th May. Hope to see you there!
More info here.
If you want to sponsor let me know. 🙂


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