1 week to go til TestBash 2015

Bench at Shoreham Graveyard March 2015

One week left until Brighton’s one day testing conference kicks off!

This will be my third time that I go to TestBash! It has a great atmosphere and everyone is really nice and helpful!
As always there are tonnes of meet ups happening around the event and a few workshops beforehand as well!
Actually for the first time there is a day full of them, 3 tracks!!!.
Everything you need to know has been collated here, so I won’t bore you with it.

You can find me at Lean Testing on Wednesday, then the workshops on Thursday (probably BDD, followed by the Jmeter course), and then at TestBash of course on Friday!

I am going to try and make an appearance at the meet ups also, but unfortunately I am moving out of my house and will have to clean it during that week! Timing, eh?

What am I hoping to get out of the events this year? Well, several things!

1. I am now a Test Lead, having built a team from scratch, that I am very happy with! So I want to share experiences of recruitment, the success and the failures.

2. Discuss topics of continuous delivery and test strategies in a continuous delivery world.

3. Learn about BDD and how it can help a company improve their knowledge and requirements of a product.

4. Pick everyone’s brains about API testing!

5. Meet and network with people from all over the world! Yes you heard correctly! This small local event attracts people from all over the world!

6. Take some great pictures of the testers that make these events so special and rewarding!

7. Share my learnings after the event via the blog and just by talking to people. 🙂


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