Review: Brighton Meet Up – Games to encourage thinking and problem solving

Yesterday was our second BrighTest meet up!

Our focus this time was to explore creative thinking and problem solving with games. 

Emma was the games mastress and she did an amazing job!

We had an ice breaker game at the beginning with set requirements and a timeframe to build the biggest tower out of spaghetti, tape, string and a marshmallow.

It was good fun! 
We also do a mini retrospective afterwards. One thing that cropped up was using the tools given to us more effectively and maybe sacrifice some of the time to build a proof of concept and then go ahead full steam.

Then we moved onto the next game which was called Set. Look it up! It was very good and so much fun! It really got you thinking outside of the box!

I am definitely buying it as well!

Overall it was a successful second meet up, with games, testing chit chat and meeting new people from the area.

Before I leave you with more pictures, you may be wondering if we will do this again?

Yes we will! But next we are hoping to have an evening with a talk and maybe a show and tell. So between you and me keep Wednesday April 15th free. 🙂

We also have a Facebook page now.


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