Real Life: short post on diagnosing my running issue

This is a short blog illustrating how testing just follows me through my life.

At the end of last summer I tried to get running again. I wanted to achieve my New Years resolution of running 5 km. 
while practising I generally ran around 3km because between 2.5 and 3 I almost always got a very bad stitch. It was so bad I sometimes thought I would have to be picked up in a car.
After some research i had loads of tips how to reduce this and tried each different option:
1. Breath in on the “other” foot. – after observing how I ran I noticed I always breath in when my right foot hit the ground so I tried to breath in when my left foot hit the ground. It improved things a bit.
2. Do not eat up to three hours before. I had run on a semi full stomach so I stuck to this. It did not seem to make a difference.
3. Drink a little bit so you are not dehydrated before your run. This was hard to get right and I also tried to drink while running but this meant I would start to breath funny and the stitch would be worse.
4. Breath in alternate feet. So breath in when the right foot hit the ground and next when the left one hit the ground and carry on like that. This seemed to have the best results.
5. Change shoes. I also changed my running shoes which improved things a bit.
Other things I want to test is to try and breath deeply through my belly every now and then, run on different terrain, analyse how I swing my arms and try to change that.
Do you find yourself testing your everyday activities to improve them and fully understand them? 
To me this seemed really normal, find the ‘bug’ causing the stitch and improve/solve the issue. To some this may seem odd and I often hear that I have a tester’s attitude to life. 
Have you heard something similar before? 
(Excuse spelling and grammar, this post was written on a tablet)

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