Thursday@EuroSTAR – My notes and some pictures

These notes are a bit delayed. Sorry. And also a lot more ramble-like. I hate it when the real world just swamps you and you feel like you cannot do things as well as you may want to. It is not all bad though. 🙂
Hope you get some value from this!

Shmuel Gershon, Intel, Israel

Do we understand what the real value of software is?
Civilisation runs on software. Dependent on software!
Everyone stores, transfers and applies knowledge in their life.

Civilisation itself depends on testers now. We look for the most faithful representation of knowledge possible in software.
Testers are therefore researchers of knowledge.
Software really is endangering civilisation as we know it – big responsibility of testers!

We need to care about users and what they are looking for.

We come to conferences to save civilisation and for the beer! (Or in my case the food).

Testing Traps to Avoid in Agile Teams

Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc., Canada
traps and risks due to them
waiting for the build – why arent we getting stories to done – next iteration testing
mini waterfall – ketchup effect
tests not complete – dod not reached
testers lose credibility
tech debt
plan for test infrastructure – build pipeline
testing taks in velocity
devs used to instant feedback
test where it makes sense
Testers not part of the team – be active
risks – wrong assumptions, team becomes divided, skills missing
become useful, power of three
testing is a team responsibility
quality police – do not want the power to stop a release into production
communication needs to be face to face
devs use testers as a safety net
testing as a service – consulting mindset
everyone needs to pick up testing tasks
technically aware
make testing visible
help deliver software successfully
manual testing – agile not sustainable without automation – minimum of run once a day
include automation time in estimates
encourage collaboration
understand power and risk of what you are automating
business logic back in the UI
big picture
devs add extra code after they are finished
integration too late
mind map of the big feature
more examples from product owners
story done and feature/release done

Diversity in your team – embrace it or lose the best thing you have!

Julie Gardiner, Redmind AB, Sweden
strength lies in differences not in similarities
get the balance right
Dreyfus model for skills aquisition
people at different skill levels need different management
business like

to the point
pragmatists – efficiency – direct
facilitator – togetherness
the analyst – accurate
the pioneers – enthusiastic
belbin role types

Zeger van Hese, Z-Sharp, Belgium

interconnectedness – triangles
impossible objects
comfortable clone syndrome – avoid as it squashes diversity – testing needs diversity to find different types of problems
control dilemmas
randomness increases variety and serendipity – finding something valuable while looking for something else
creative vs critical thinking
we copy to gain understanding and knowledge which we can then transform and apply
everything is a remix
leadership makes the diverse mix work
empower people to do their best work
leave people in control
recognise good ideas

Programming for Testers – It is Easy!

Graham Thomas, Independent Software Testing Consultant, United Kingdom
don’t mix data types – str()
single or double quote
python 3 uses ()for strings

first line called the shebang – comment # ignored
first line is special #! = shriek
shows where python environment is

Some pics:

The TestLab!
I also want to give a shout out to the TestLab team! They were fun, engaged individuals working as a team to provide puzzles and exercises and brought a whole new level of engagement to the event!

What do we do after the conference?
Now comes the difficult part! When you are home how do you implement any of the great thing you learned without just suffering the come down from the conference?

I started with just a question:
Are we giving our customers the right information for the task?

Did you ask a question? How are you applying your newly gained knowledge?

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