Review: Python for Testers

Over the last couple of months I have been learning Python using codecademy. Check it out, it is interactive, and really suits my learning style. But it does have its limitations, as self study in general does have. Why am I doing this? Have a read here.

So I was really intrigued and excited to attend Python for Testers. This would be a different learning environment and I do learn through repetition. 

Two disclaimers beforehand. Even though I am a tester I have no computer science or programming background and secondly I was ill. 😦

With this in mind I had finished around 60% of the online codecademy course previous to the Python for Tester course.

Part of the course description states: “During the course we will work with a strong focus on practical knowledge and learning by doing, so that attendees can work independently with Python after the course.”
I think this summarises the course well. 

We were around 12 attendees or thereabouts and were sitting in pairs and were encouraged to type and try things as Kristoffer was explaining the various concepts and try to pair program where possible. 

Kristoffer was a good patient and very approachable tutor. He had fun with the group and spared as much time as you needed to explain concepts and helped debug your code.

For me a couple of exercises were pretty challenging. I did understand the core concepts that were presented (the unfamiliar ones included) and it was a nice confirmation that my self study has been working and I have been learning properly. 

What I struggled with though learning at home was how to apply the different concepts and how to solve a problem or where to start with a tool.
This is where the exercises Kristoffer prepared came into their own. Initially you may think “who needs this” but then once it works, you need to just apply this to some challenging, time consuming processes such as test data generation, comparing files and search for keywords, etc. 

I had a nice lightbulb moment at the end of the day after a frustrating moment earlier on and it was a really good feeling! I see why developing may be infectious and how developers become developers.

Overall this is a really nice, useful but also challenging (at least to me) course that can help you apply some programming concepts and use them in a testing context. 

The organisation by the ministry of testing was also first class with the venue 68 Middle street providing a lovely service and setting. 

I recommend this course!

Below a nice pic courtesy of Kristoffer and his moomins of me in the moment of solving the exercises.

Overall it was a great fun and challenging course with a lovely group of testers.
My next goal is reading “Lean Python“.
Do you program as part of your testing? 
What language do you use?


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