Brighton Tester Meetup – The Thank Yous!

I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone for coming on Friday!
There was some confusion around timings and hence the hosts were actually not the first people at the pub but the table was already half full of testers!

It meant a lot to see non local faces turn up also! Thank you!

We talked testing, had a laugh, shared experiences, had drinks and snacks and just generally there were shenanigans!

But this was only the beginning!

We are hoping to start a more formal structure with a talk (we have 3 volunteers so far which feels awesome!! thanks so much!!) some food and drinks and then maybe a quarterly social because we know testers like to work hard and play hard! 🙂

A few pics below! 

Watch this space, twitter (probably under the hashtag #BrighTest ) and the meet up group! Hope to see you at an event soon and thanks again for everyone who turned up and to my fellow hosts @EmJayKay80 and @mcgovernaine  and special thanks to @rosiesherry  for brining us together and kicking our arses to make this happen! 


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